Transparent, fair, efficient

Assembl enables internal hiring teams to supercharge their hiring, driving down cost and time to hire.

Reassembling the career market

Bringing the candidate and the job markets together with real-time market data, the Assembl platform improves hiring managers’ access to best-in-market digital talent, reducing time and cost to hire, with dedicated support from experienced specialist recruiters and industry experts.

For our members, we provide ongoing career mentoring and market data to help you better plan your next career move, and the one after that (and the one after that).

Because a unified market is better for everybody.

The founding team

  • Neil Middlemass

    The Recruiter

    I've recruited into the digital market since 2006 and technology has had an increasingly big impact on the market in that time - not always for the better. Technology has enabled faster access to market, but somewhere along the line people have been lost in the process.

    We built Assembl to move away from rushed, volume-driven technology platforms and to put the focus back on people and the teams and careers they're building: making the job of the internal recruiter a little bit easier (and a lot less expensive).

    The recruitment market has changed and I'm excited to be part of a technology business which is championing recruitment evolution.

  • Jasal Vadgama

    The Developer

    Having worked in the developer sector since 2005, I've been on the receiving end of both positive and poor recruitment practices. In tech the volume of approaches means it's often hard to tell the signal from the noise - and harder still to find guidance in line with your values and with your interests at heart.

    Having guidance throughout your career, supported by market knowledge and backed by real data is invaluable. I want to do my part to make the recruitment experience as a whole fairer and more meaningful.

    That's why I’m part of Assembl: I feel passionate about creating technology which delivers a seamless candidate experience and restores candidate faith in the recruitment model.

  • Simon Jacobson

    The Digital Marketer

    I count myself as fortunate to have operated on the agency, technology, direct client and media owner sides of this great industry since 2005.

    I am passionate about technologies and businesses that exist to enable people to get closer to the opportunities they deserve. I believe the purpose and mission for Assembl fits perfectly with this.

    As an advisor to Assembl and a champion of our mission, I manage our business operations and oversee our Assembly - our group of expert advisors with diverse experiences to share, and serve as value for those looking to forge their career in our industry.

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