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  • Andy Mihalop

    Marketing Program Lead EMEA | Facebook

    Since 1999 Andy has led digital teams on every side of the market, spanning both independent and network agencies and an award-winning digital team at Moneysupermarket before moving media owner-side at Google and now Facebook.

    Offers advice on:
    • Leading digital teams
    • Working at a Media Owner
    • Moving in-house
  • Danish Bagadia

    EMEA Lead, Performance Marketing | Google

    Now leading the performance marketing efforts for Google across EMEA, Danish has worked in the digital market since 2007, leading search teams at network agencies prior to joining Google.

    Offers advice on:
    • Working at a Media Owner
    • Leading Digital Teams
  • Emma Gibbins

    Head of Digital |

    Emma's digital career started in 2009, with a focus on SEO. Leaving an agency role to head Organic Performance at Moneysupermarket in 2017, she moved into a cross-channel role as Head of Digital in 2019.

    Offers advice on:
    • Moving in-house
    • Moving into a cross-channel role
    • Leading Digital Teams
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