Recruitment is too expensive

TruPrice dynamic pricing enables hiring leads to recruit digital marketing specialists at the cost of a direct hire.

The speed & specialism of an agency,

Our automation platform Conflux reduces many of the manual tasks in the hiring process and increases hiring accuracy. Combined with expert market knowledge, the result is super-fast hiring with maximum precision, reducing time to hire.

the cost saving of an in-house team

TruPrice illustrationTruPrice illustration

TruPrice is a dynamic pricing engine, which determines market price in real time at briefing against supply and demand in the market. With flat fees on placement from £900, Assembl enables in-house recruitment teams to hire at a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency.

Peace of mind for twice as long

Assembl delivers hires that last. We offer extended fee protection to cover all hires through the Assembl platform, with the first 30 days on the house.

  • Included in basic fee

    100% fee protection for the first 30 days

  • £295

    Increase 100% fee protection to 90 days for less than £100/month

  • £495

    Increase 100% fee protection to 180 days for just £82.50/month